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23Sep 2013
Sep 23, 2013

Transparency and Accountability

Monday, September 23, 2013

Joylin Nodwell, Candidate for Councillor in Ward 7, has promised to release her campaign donor lists at various stages throughout the Election. To date, Joylin and her team are pleased to report they have raised more than $21,000 from donors. Full details of the first donor list, as of September 23, 2013, is available for viewing on her website at:

A key tenet of Joylin’s campaign is promoting a more responsible municipal government in Calgary through greater transparency and accountability. She advocates for more thorough and clearer communication by the City administration to Council and from Council to Calgarians in order to create a greater sense of ownership of the decisions made.

“I hear it from nearly all residents I visit with, they want greater disclosure upfront. They want to know the budget amounts before decisions are made, and greater accountability at the end of projects,” says Nodwell. “I myself am disappointed at the lack of disclosure, particularly at a point when decisions can still be influenced by public input.” Nodwell cites the West LRT project and the lesser known ENMAX Legacy Parks Fund Steering Committee projects as recent examples of poor optics and transparency.

“In 2012 Council passed a motion asking Administration to prepare a report on how they spent the $135 million Legacy Parks Fund capital funding,” says Nodwell. “Instead of describing how much and where the actual monies were spent, the report prepared by Administration simply reiterated the previously announced budget amounts. In other words, the report failed to account on how the entire $135 million was spent.” When members of Nodwell’s team tried to attend the public meeting, “instead of being allowed to speak on any one of the agenda items, the meeting was closed to the public and held in-camera,” says Nodwell. “It was disheartening.”

To reinforce her stance on transparency, Joylin has determined to be fully upfront with all Calgarians. Nodwell states that her drive and pecuniary interests for running for City Council are as follows:

  1. To improve processes and efficiencies in City Council and Administration, including putting forth motions that would enforce transparency and accountability when public monies are involved. Visit for further details on Joylin’s platform.
  2. Joylin’s husband is President of a private local manufacturing company, UCANU Manufacturing Corp., in which Joylin’s family also owns a non-controlling interest. UCANU is currently engaged in a legal dispute with the City of Calgary, the construction manager joint venture, as well as the engineering and architectural firms in respect to a project located adjacent to the Peace Bridge frequently referred to as “Poppy Plaza” or “the Mayor’s Legacy Project”. (Court of Queen’s Bench File Number 1201-15448).
  3. With regards to the lawsuit, Joylin wants to make clear that if elected she will recuse herself from any potential conflict of interest situations. UCANU does not do any other business with the City, nor would UCANU solicit future business from the City, if Joylin is elected.
  4. Joylin and her husband own an undeveloped lot in Bowness, outside of Ward 7 and along the Bow River, which was impacted by the floods in June. The house where Joylin and her family currently reside nearby, was also affected by the floods.

“Joylin is incredibly hard-working. She builds trust and consensus wherever she goes. Joylin has both the compassion and strength to build a stronger, more engaged community for all Ward 7 residents.” says Nicole Bradac, Joylin’s Campaign Manager.

For further information, please contact:
Nicole Bradac
Joylin Nodwell Campaign HQ tel: (587) 351-0976
1217 Centre Street N.

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