Becoming your Ward 7 Councillor is about making connections with residents and business owners, and cultivating those relationships in meaningful ways.

As a long distance runner in Calgary, I have been running through the streets of Ward 7 for over 20 years. I have gotten to know pretty much every road in the area and have met many wonderful residents, business owners (and dogs!) along the way.

Being an approachable and easily accessible Councillor is important for the community. Matters that need to be dealt with should receive prompt attention. Partaking in regular community meetings is a huge priority as it presents a good opportunity for residents to feel connected by voicing concerns, sharing ideas, and allowing for me to update the community on the happenings around our City.

During the devastating Flood crisis, many Calgarians lost personal belongings, some lost their homes. With the unpredictable nature of storms and floods, I would like our City to be the first in our Province to expand on the Alberta Alert System. Presently, the Alberta Alert System reaches residents via radio, TV and Internet. I would like to see this emergency broadcasting system expand to our cell phone system (SMS) to further increase it's ability to connect with those during a crisis situation. Eventually, this can be broadened to a province wide and even national wide system.

I invite everyone to come run with me.....and believe in me.