Survey Questions

You are one of almost 1.1 million people who call Calgary home. What attracts you to Calgary in general and to your neighbourhood specifically?
Calgary is a City blessed many wonderful neighborhoods, schools, and parks plus it has the benefit of being so close to the mountains. Calgary is a very runner/biker/walker friendly city. As an avid runner, I look forward everyday to hitting Calgary’s pathway system or multitude of trails up on Nose Hill. It is a marvelous way to connect with nature while letting your body and mind unwind!

My neighborhood of Bowness is beautifully adorned with lush mature trees, the beautiful Bow river and an eclectic mix of houses.
Calgary is one of the fastest growing cities in North America. What do you consider to be the key challenges presented by rapid growth in Calgary and the Calgary region?
With over 20,000 newcomers moving to our City each year, this exponential growth is putting an enormous strain on our existing resources and infrastructure. Our City needs to be proactive in meeting the needs of a rapidly growing population. Unfortunately, our land use has been noted as being greater than that of New York City and Toronto, thus we are faced with a great challenge. At what rate can we continue to build new communities on the fringes of our City? While there are benefits to offering people choices as to where they prefer to live, it is wise to monitor our suburban development in order to control our expanding eco-footprint and curb the costs associated with rapid urban sprawl.

Affordability is also a major challenge in our growing City. Our vacancy rate for rentals is close to zero (exasperated by the June flood). In such a tight market, along with the added pressure of newcomers arriving to our City, we have a serious housing crisis.
Municipal spending and debt has emerged as a key issue in this election. What steps would you propose to tackle this issue?
I would like City Administration and City Council to be more accountable in their spending by putting forth motions that require a more thorough level of documentation of expenditures involving public monies, budgets, deliverables and potential project cost over runs ahead of time. This information, when possible, should be available for greater public scrutiny. We also must prioritize and curtail our spending. We don’t want to end up like the US cities Sacramento and Detroit that let spending get out of control and are struggling to service their debt.
The Municipal Development Plan sets out substantial densification targets. What are your views on meeting these targets?
Having reviewed the MDP and it’s targets, I think it is ambitious. It should be re-evaluated periodically to make sure it is reasonable and realistic in meeting the needs of Calgarians. If the price of oil continues to climb at some point in the future it may become uneconomical for people to drive great distances. We need to be mindful of this potential outcome.
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