Would you seriously consider working towards curbing downtown high-rise office development with the aim of ‘forcing’ businesses to develop office centres in other key node Calgary locations (e.g. around North Hill, Brentwood, Dalhousie & Crowfoot LRT stations)?
I really like your position on decentralization. I'm a proponent of having major activity centers throughout our City (away from the core). Our traffic congestion often stems from the fact our City's business towers (large employers) are heavily concentrated in the downtown area. Thus, everyone is going in a similar direction at peak times. I have been to Europe and admire their sophisticated transit systems and layout.
I've recently read that (Mayor) Nenshi is looking to eliminate the subsidy from the City for new development. I was wondering your thoughts on this matter?
Yes I am aware of Nenshi's $4800 subsidy number. If this calculation is correct then we need to ask ourselves how long it takes the City to recover this subsidy money from new development via property taxes and utilities revenue and if this revenue is being reinvested in established neighborhoods (where the money originally came from) or is this money going to further fund projects in the new communities. If the latter is the case, then we need to work out an agreement with the development industry to pay for these costs. Those that benefit from growth should pay for the growth. Established neighborhoods have many aging infrastructure issues that require regular maintenance as well as many other needs.
Do you see a need to reduce regulatory burden and, if so, what would you do as a councillor to cut red tape at City Hall?
The length of time between raw land and a new building is lengthy and needs to be shortened. I would call for time restrictions on how long it takes the city administration to deal with each stage applications go through.