Survey Questions

How often do you use Calgary Transit?
When I worked downtown, I took City Transit daily to and from the core. Since 2007, I have not used Transit regularly due to the location of my current job and having to drive two children to their respective schools. Our family does use the C-train when heading to special events such as Stampede.
What is the most pressing transit issue or need in your Ward?
Affordability and accessibility. Ward 7 has a diverse population with roughly 1 in 6 residents being a senior, and a high concentration of students living in the area. Transit has to remain affordable to those in low income brackets while also offering enough service (adequate number of buses) during peak hours of the day. I have heard from residents in Ward 7, that often the buses are so full there are occurrences of violent behavior requiring police intervention. We need more buses during peak times.
What is the most pressing transit issue or need outside of your Ward?
With a continued population growth to the tune of around 20 000 newcomers each year, Calgary is faced with pressure to accommodate this rapid influx of people. Planners and developers, along with City Council have been working on trying to manage this growth through the Muncipal Growth Plan (MGP). Each year roughly 18 new communities are developed on the outskirts of our City. This has resulted in a huge demand for new infrastructure including Transit. The issue is how to support/fund these new services in the outlying areas.
What is your most innovative idea for improving transit in Calgary?
Introducing fares based on the distance traveled and revisit the implementation of an electronic fare system (card) to replace paper tickets (saving costs, being eco friendly, and adding convenience to riders). Users can swipe their electronic cards upon boarding and exiting transit.
What is the role of transit in Calgary?
Transit plays a critical role in Calgary's ongoing sustainable transportation issue. The more we can encourage people to consider alternate ways to get around our City, the less dependence we will have on our cars. Promoting ridership, will have positive impact on our city's traffic situation. Make Transit user friendly!
TransitCamp YYC is a civic action group dedicated to executing citizen solutions for Calgary’s transit challenges. We have been active in advocating for better transit in Calgary through events (bringing transit expert and author Jarrett Walker to Calgary in 2012) as well as by providing input to Council and Committees on transit-related items, such as the Route Ahead process and the Investing in Mobility report.