Survey Questions

1) What would you like Parkdale residents to know about your campaign platform?
The first tenet of my platform is advocating for a more responsible government through increased transparency and accountability, better disclosure and improved communication with residents especially when initiating construction projects that affect nearby communities. I feel many large projects gets pushed through our neighborhoods without adequate consultation with residents. This is highly undemocratic and unfair. Residents need to be informed and listened to before projects in their neighborhoods are approved for development.

Fiscal Responsibility is another key tenet of my platform. I believe there is a lot of money being misspent by our City. Ever wonder why our taxes have increased 30% in the last three years (the highest in our City's history). You may think it is good value, however our operating costs are much lower than many major cities around Canada. For example, Montreal's annual snow removal budget is around $150 million dollars, Toronto's is $85 million, contrast that with our snow budget at $30 million. Our council has been approving many costly projects recently that have lead to gross overspending of our tax dollars. Our new West LRT (the shortest leg but by far our most costly) was originally budgeted at 700 million dollars, but came in at 1.4 Billion dollars. The audit report did not disclose $400 million dollars of unaccounted expenses. When asking our City where this money went, we are told this cannot be disclosed. Is this the type of closed door government policy that we want?

Equal representation of each neighborhood in Ward 7. Our current incumbent focuses heavily on her own neighborhood of Sunnyside/Hillhurst and Kensington but residents north of 16th Ave rarely see or hear from their Councillor. Messages they leave aren't returned in a timely fashion (or not returned at all) and they feel they have no voice. I would like to change that experience and be a very engaged, accessible Councillor. Residents, businesses and organizations need a strong representative.
2) What position would you take to your colleagues at City Council regarding the proposed escarpment parkade at the Foothills Hospital site?
I am proponent of preserving green space when possible. Has the City looked into other alternatives other than the proposed escarpment area? There is a large parcel of land nearby in Montgomery (north of 16th Ave and east of Bowness Rd., south of McKay Road School/ Montgomery Jr. High). Has anyone explored other areas nearby that may be less invasive?
3) What type of development would you support on the corner of 29th and Parkdale Blvd?
Any development on the corner of 29th and Parkdale Blvd. has to offer off-street parking as this is an area already tight for parking due to the proximity of the hospital, Stadium and University. The development needs to be contextual with nearby homes (not a highrise), and well communicated with nearby residents.
4) What strategies would you employ to preserve mature trees in inner city communities?
As a past member of the Calgary Horticulture Society, I believe there are many reasons to preserve our trees. Trees serve many important purposes (shade, wind and privacy protection to our homes, cleaning our air, providing us with beautiful greenery, habitat for wildlife). Sick trees need to be cared for by our City ie. Elms that have been suffering from scaling need to receive regular inoculations.
5) What support could our community count on from you as Councillor to maintain our community association building and develop a community garden?
As your Councillor, you will have my support in maintaining your community centre as a hub for your residents (support for programming, maintenance...etc.). I am proponent of Community gardens! I would like Parkdale residents to experience the joys of a community harvest. This initiative is a wonderful way for residents to get out and work together towards sustainable urban agriculture.