I need to know where you stand on the city stealing my money ($52 million)? Also, what will you do about it?
I hear you. I am on record for giving the money back. It is a matter of principal. The next series of deliberations occurs in November. If I am successful, I will work hard to curtail our city's spending at the next council budget deliberations so we can prioritize where our monies should go.
Are you in favour of labour unions? Yes or no please.
Labour unions serve a valuable purpose. Yes, I am in support of Unions.
Do you live in Ward 7? And if you do, how long? Do you have experience in municipal politics? And in what ways are involved in Ward 7?
Joylin used to live in Ward 7 but now she lives in Bowness which is in Ward 1. She does not have previous experience in municipal politics. This is her first time running for City Council.

As for her involvement in Ward 7 I have included the following links which should answer your questions: - click on the CBC Radio link to listen to an audio clip

-answered by Joylin Nodwell for Ward 7 Team
We have noticed an increase in the number of vagrants since the East Village re-development. We believe they are being forced out of the East Village and into Bridgeland and Crescent Heights. The vagrants use the public and private space around us to congregate, sleep, drink, do drugs, urinate, defecate, cause disturbances and leave behind garbage, including hazardous materials such as broken alcohol bottles and needles. We don't feel comfortable or safe in our own yard as there are often drunk or stoned vagrants in the bushes. What are your thoughts on this issue?
The issue of vagrants in your area is something the City is trying to address. Unfortunately, it is ongoing and the process is slow. There is an extensive waiting list for affordable housing to the tune of 4000 Calgarians. Every homeless person we can get off the streets saves governments (and tax dollars) roughly $100 000 per year.

Upon meeting with representatives from Affordable Housing, I was able to discuss issues that hamper the developments of more housing for our homeless population particularly permit and license processing. If elected, I would like to see improvements in the way the City handles it's regulatory processes specifically regarding land acquisition and development so that housing projects can come to fruition in a timely fashion. It took 6 years to build the new Mustard Seed due to many regulatory layers leading to lengthy delays.

As you can see, there is no quick and simple solution to homelessness and poverty in our City.

You have a right to feel safe in your neighborhood, and if elected I would work with our Police department to ensure adequate patrolling in your neighborhood especially at night. Keeping our city safe is paramount.
What is your position on Sport?
My position on sport is strong. As an NCCP swim coach for over 10 years, I am fortunate to work with a broad group of Calgarians (all ages, cultures, backgrounds) and see first hand the benefits of incorporating sport into everyday life.

Many of our greatest life lessons are learned through sport and an introduction to an active lifestyle can occur at any stage in life. Young or old, sport can improve our quality in life in so many ways.

One of the key issues facing our youth in Alberta is the drop out rate. It has been reported that 1 in every 7 students in Alberta does not graduate from High school. This can lead to many challenges later on in life. I believe one way to encourage children to stay in school is through sport.

Sport builds confidence in our children/youth, engaging them in movement and activity that fosters strong self esteem and skill building. Sport can motivate our youth to be proactive in their own health which can lead to a sense of ownership in one's future.

As a strong advocate for Sport, if elected as a member of our City council, I would be supportive of initiatives and programs that promote a variety of sports to Calgarians of all ages (such as an All Sports Day where kids can try a variety of sport at various recreation centers at no cost). With adequate support, we can ensure that programs are available to everyone.
When you use the word "sustainability," are you only focused on finances? How will you address sustainability from a broader perspective?
I am proponent of long term sustainable decisions. For example, regarding traffic and transportion, I would like to work with residents, traffic planners and engineers (when necessary) to address traffic pressure points such as on Crowchild Trail and 24th Avenue NW.

One way to help our traffic flow better is to limit the number of turning lights during peak hours, and introducing more HOV lanes when possible. This means that only those vehicles with High Occupancy (more than two passengers) can use those lanes. A more expensive approach is to put in interchanges (overpasses/underpasses) along roads that are bottle necks or to widen our roads to make more lanes. This is something we need to think about really well before we go ahead. We need to ask ourselves "do we really want to be encouraging people to drive more by making it more convenient to hop in a car instead to taking transit or other modes of transportation?"

It is my hope that in the future, we can spend our infrastructure money towards investing in a better transit system so we are not so dependent on our cars to take us everywhere we want to go. Have you been on Vancouver's Sky Train? It is a wonderful sustainable mode of transportation. Our City currently has two lines on our LRT. If we can access funding from various levels of government, one day we can have a more sophisticated transit system!
Hi! I am doing a school project on you. Please, tell me, some of the issues you will solve for Ward 7, once you've been elected?

Ward 7 is made up of 23 neighborhoods, mostly inner city (close to downtown). Affordability is one of the main issues in our Ward because properties closer to the core have had higher tax rate increases over the years.

Growth is another issue that is important in our City. We have over 20 000 newcomers coming here to live every year. Rental housing market is very limited especially since the flood in June.

To address both issues above, I am trying to make secondary suites legalized in Calgary so there will more be options available to people. A secondary suite is kind of like a house inside a house (two separate living spaces under one roof). There are some people in Calgary that don't want secondary suites in their neighborhoods but I hope that with more information to residents and the proper enforcement of rules, they can work really in our City.

Good luck with your assignment!