Survey Questions

1. Do you support the creation of a waste management bylaw for festivals and special events in Calgary?
Yes I do support a waste management program for events and festivals in Calgary. The Calgary Stampede is a large event that produces enormous amounts of waste. I would like to see waste management programs for businesses that produce large amounts garbage of such as malls, restaurants, grocery stores, any facility with a cafeteria.
2. What role do you think the private sector should play in terms of recycling and composting for multi-family and commercial properties?
Yes I believe the City should play a role in composting and recycling programs for our multi family developments and commercial sector. We are 13 years behind Edmonton with regards to providing multi family unit recycling collection. It is my understanding that our City has planned to go ahead with this initiative or at least a proposal has been made meaning a city wide program won't begin until 2015 at the earliest.
3. What is your plan to encourage more environmentally friendly transportation choices?
I am a huge proponent of walkable/bikeable communities. I am a hard core foot commuter myself running to and from work 10km each way! I would like to see the City ensure our existing pathways are maintained and safe (cleaned regularly, adequate lighting..etc.) and new paths are introduced with proper planning (in conjunction with organization such as Bike Calgary). New communities and established areas need to have walkability/bikeability at the forefront of their designs to encourage alternate modes of transportation.
4. What is your plan to conserve the city’s precious water resources?

With our growing population (roughly 20 000 newcomers each year) our current consumption levels of water is not sustainable. Calgarians consume the highest amounts of water per person in North America! I would like to ensure our City is doing it's best to conserve water ie. when maintaining our greenspace (not over watering and using grey water). We need to promote awareness and importance at the community level of using rain water via rain barrels to water our plants/gardens, installing low flow toilets via City initiatives already in place, installing a water meter). I would be open to supporting a program to have representatives from Green Calgary and other organizations visit community centers offering workshops on how to conserve water.
5. What is your plan to curb urban sprawl and ensure it does not overtake more of our precious farm land around the city?
(to be answered shortly)
Green Calgary empowers Calgarians to create healthy homes and communities through environmental education, products and services.