I would like to know if you would vote in favour or against legalizing secondary suites in all/some R1 zoned houses in Calgary?
Secondary suites are definitely an initiative that has been ongoing for some time. When we look at other municipalities such as Vancouver, we see an introduction of secondary suites in the 1980's and not until decades later, an acceptance of secondary suites in R1 zones in 2004. I believe there is a great need for alternative housing that is affordable and sustainable (does not require huge infrastructure demands). While the suggestion of legalizing suites in all R1 zoning in our City has met up with strong opposition, we can follow what other municipalities have done to promote this housing type.

For instance we can: - allow suites in neighborhoods within close proximity to large institutions ie. U of C, hospitals - offer incentives ie. in Coquitlum, utilities are only an additional 40% for legal secondary suites - require that the owner live in the residence (on site) to ensure responsible ownership.
Do you have plans to introduce recycling at apartment buildings in Calgary?
I think it would be ideal if apartment buildings had large sorting bins for tenants to bring their recycling. It would certainly encourage more people to recycle.

For more information on Joylin's recycling views click here for her answers to the Green Calgary survey.
Why doesn't Pt McKay have a community association?
Parkdale community association is need of more members. After visiting with many residents in Parkdale, it appeared to me that there may be opportunity for greater synergies with these two communities (Pt. McKay and Parkdale) since they are in close proximity to one another.