JN Nomination Day 36
23Sep 2013

Nomination Day

Nomination Day – Lights, Camera, Action!!

“Another exciting day for this gal. It is hard to believe that I was actually debating (the night before) about the merits vs. potential downfalls of running to City Hall in shorts and runners! Thank goodness I came to my senses this morning and only ran past City Hall on my way to Headquarters to quickly freshen up and change into a lovely silk wrap dress and heels.

Upon entering the municipal building, I was quickly ushered to an official looking table where I was pleased to take an Oath (with Bible in hand) before a civic employee. So far so good. I was then asked to proceed into the Council Chambers where I was greeted by Elections Official, Barbara Clifford. A friendly but stern woman, she was quick to note the grease stain and partial tear on the front page of my nomination papers! Starting to sweat now. Rather than engaging in a lengthy discussion about how these papers travelled many miles under my running belt, was doused with pool water as I coached, endured splatters of grease from my bad habit of “car dining”….I simply apologized to Barbara for it’s condition. Luckily, she only made me re-sign my name!

Beyond the glass doors of the Chambers was where all the action was happening. As I stepped into the open area, a sea of eager faces awaited with cameras and questions. I was given a few questionnaires to fill and in no time, I had a line up of reporters wanting to talk to moi! I was instantly transformed from “unknown status” to someone people wanted to know! The first interview with Jason Markusoff was a bit unnerving since he was talking a mile a minute and the room was very noisy. As the interviews went on, I found myself getting surprisingly quite chatty with reporters (uh oh). I hope these guys know how to edit! Talked briefly with Brent Alexander (much taller than expected!) and Jon Lord (running for Mayor). I didn’t stick around to see Druh or Nenshi, but I am sure they would occupy the crowd for a while so it was a wrap for me.

All in all, it was probably the most exciting camera experience I’ve had in a while. I hope I left everyone with a good impression of who I am and what I stand for.

Stay tuned to hear more about my Campaign adventures!

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