The Nodwell Family, Summer 2013

Joylin’s Biography


Joylin was born in Red Deer in 1970 and moved to Calgary when she was five. Raised in an active and loving household, she was involved in diverse activities even at a young age — from hockey, gymnastics, figure skating, skiing, and competitive swimming, to self-defense and music classes. At William Aberhart High School, she was the Grade 10, 11 and 12 representative on student council.

At the University of Calgary Joylin was enrolled in the Faculty of Management for two years prior to studying in the Faculty of Humanities. She has studied business law in Alberta, Economics, Accounting, Human Resource Management and Finance. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in French and later attended the University of Alberta to take courses in the Faculty of Education.

Joylin has worked in various areas of education and fitness. She is currently employed at the Calgary Winter Club, where she coaches several swim groups, including the Masters’ Clippers Swim Team. She has been a member of the Canadian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association for seven years. She also runs a French translation and tutoring business at home.

Joylin’s caring nature and genuine concern for her community is demonstrated in all the activities she partakes in. She was voted Ms. Friendship by her peers at the Ms. Alberta Chinese Charity Pageant in 1993, and was a member of the Storybook Theater’s cast for “The Sound of Music” production in 2008.

Joylin is organized and driven, as indicated by her marathon successes. She won the Edmonton Marathon in 2007 and 2008 and the Red Deer Marathon in 2007 with a second place finish in 2008. She also placed second in the Calgary Marathon in 2011. Joylin was Alberta’s top female runner at the Boston Marathon in 2010. She has run the Calgary Marathon a total of 17 times. From 2009-2012 she represented Team INN, running and raising funds for Inn from the Cold. Joylin hosted a bake sale bringing over $2000 in donations for charity.

Family is important to Joylin, and she enjoys spending time with Keith, her husband of twenty years, and her three wonderful children. As the mother of a special-needs child, she has spent many years working with a variety of teams, including physicians, nurses, therapists, social workers, and teachers. Joylin has advocated and volunteered for the Calgary Cerebral Palsy Association for 15 years.

Joylin has a love for people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures. She makes every effort to listen to ideas and concerns. Joylin has the ability to go long and hard — for all the right reasons!